Caci was developed over two decades ago and uses the latest pioneering technologies. Again and again Caci has been voted the most effective anti ageing treatment available and is the only system to offer Caci's patented delivery system ensuring maximum effect to the facial muscles and no discomfort to the skin. Caci is the choice of many A listers and is used in many top salons such as Harrods, Selfridges and Champneys. Caci recommend having ten treatments close together for the most dramatic visible result. Followed by a regular maintenance treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.

Caci non surgical face lift. 60 minutes £28 Firms and tones sagging facial muscles and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, using tiny micro current impulses.
Caci extended non surgical face lift. 75 min £38 Caci standard non surgical face lift with the added benefit of extended muscle re education work and LED red light therapy for instant plumping and softening of deeper lines and wrinkles.
Caci Jowl Lift. 20 min £20 This is a new treatment from Caci using a four pronged attachment that quickly and effectively targets sagging jowls. Perfect for those who are only concerned about the jowl area or who have had Botox in their eye and forehead areas.
Caci Hydratone Facial 20 min £25 This treatment offers intense hydration with skin firming. The hydrating gel mask is applied to the face and then activated using micro current rollers. As the rollers gently massage the face the mask becomes electrically charged and drenches the skin with rejuvenating energy having a dramatic softening result restoring tone and firmness and helping to plump out lines and wrinkles. Your mask will remain charged for up to 3 uses at home.
A perfect treatment after a holiday or the party season when skin is often left very dehydrated or to prepare the skin for your holiday.
Caci non surgical face lift and microdermabrasion combo** 90 min £50 All the benefits of the Caci one hour non surgical face lift followed by 30 minutes Skin Base microdermabrasion. The perfect anti ageing combination.

** Add a Caci Hydratone mask session to this amazing combination for an ultimate facial treatment All for. £65.00

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